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Our Projects

Public Infrastructures

Nouveau Pont-Champlain.jpg


The Samuel-De Champlain Bridge is currently one of the busiest bridges in North America. About 50 million cars, trucks and buses pass through it

every year.

Réseau Express Métropolitain.jpg

Greater Montreal

The REM has been the largest public transportation project in Quebec for the past fifty years. It is currently under construction.

Nouveau Pont-Gouin.jpg


The Saint-Jean Bridge allows more than 20,000 motorists to cross each day between sectors Saint-Jean and Iberville.

Barrage Donnacona.jpg

Rivière Jacques-Cartier

The Donnacona Dam supplies a hydroelectric power station 4,800 kW.

Wind Farms

nation rise.jpg

North Stormonth, Ottawa

The Nation Rise Wind Farm project provides Ontario with 100 MW of renewable energy. 

Parc Éolien de L'Érable.jpg

Bois-Franc, Centre du Québec

Located on the territory of the municipality of the MRC de L'Érable, this project is compsed of 50 wind turbines of 2 MW each for a maximum power of 100 MW.

Du Moulin 3.jpg


Rivière-du-Moulin wind farm is a project of 175 turbines with a total power of 350 MW.

We contributed to phase 1 and 2 of the project.



With 164 turbines for a total of 

364 MW, the Seigneurie de Beaupré wind farms represent of the largest wind farms in Canada.


We contributed to the development of the Seigneurie as well as the Côte-de-Beaupré wind farms.

Frampton 3.jpg


The Parc Frampton is a community wind farm. 12 turbines of 2 MW each for a total of 24 MW were installed during this development.



 The wind farm Le Granit is a community project. It has 12 wind turbines with a capacity of 2,05 MW each for a total of 24,6 MW

Temiscouata 2.jpg


The Témiscouata wind farms bring together two projects with 32 turbines totaling 75,2 MW

They produce an amount of electricity equivalent to the power of 

13 800 Quebec households.


MRC des Basques et Rimouski-Neigette 

The Nicolas-Riou farm is a community project. It comprises

 68 wind turbines of 3,3 MW each for a total capacity of 224,4 MW.

Sainte Marguerite.jpg

Saint-Sylvestre, Sacré-Coeur-de-Jésus,


The Mont Sainte-Marguerite wind project includes 46 turbines de 3,2 MW each, generating a total of  

143 MW.

Pierre-De Saurel.jpg

MRC Pierre-De Saurel

The Samuel-De Saurel wind farm is the only project in Quebec with a 100% community business model.


The park has 12 wind turbines of

2.05 MW each for a total of 24.6 MW.

Public infrastrutures
Wind farms
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